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What truly sets Capital Sign Solutions apart from the competition is not just our variety of products or 100 years’ experience in the signage industry. Rather, it is the wide range of services we offer our clients. We strive to provide you with an unmatched creative experience through which your business vision is transformed into a visible, catchy brand.

At the heart of our creativity are our services.


Village Draft House Project OutlineCapital Sign Solutions is home to some of the most modern, efficient equipment available. Our manufacturing methods and more than 100 years experience in the signage industry provide us the expertise to safely, effectively and economically manufacturer high-quality signage that accentuates your business’ identity. If you are looking for a reliable, world-class sign for your business, Capital Sign Solutions is your best choice.

Project Management

Successful project management in the sign industry requires the precise combination of creative design experience and leadership. We are lucky to have found that ideal combination at Capital Sign Solutions. Our Project Managers ensure each project runs smoothly and facilitates the progression all the way from initial design to installation. They are dedicated to excellence in each stage of the process, and that’s what you’ll get when you do business with Capital Sign Solutions.

Village Draft House SignDesign

Capital Sign Solutions boasts some of the most creative minds in the signage industry. Our graphic designers and design specialists are constantly collaborating and implementing new and innovative strategies to give our clients the most elite and calculated ideas possible. Capital Sign Solutions strives to produce signage that amplifies your unique business identity, and our design team embodies that desire every day in their work.


Capital Sign Solutions is pragmatic about which ideas we propose and what signage we produce. Our creative and production teams are constantly refining and perfecting their respective crafts, all to provide our clients with the most flawless and unique signage possible. Development is perhaps the most vital stage in our process, and our expert teams with more than 100 years experience ensure that it runs smoothly and effectively at all times.


The production process is integral to Capital Sign Solutions. As one of the final steps before installation, our production team ensures you the most effective and lasting signage possible. Our more than 100 years experience in the signage industry has afforded us the know-how and confidence to create the most intricate and technical products, which has allowed us to provide our clients with unique signage that maximizes the voice of their brand.

Facility Surveys

Facility surveys allow our installation team to forecast how your new sign will look on your building and what impediments exist on and around your property. The experienced professionals from Capital Sign Solutions will extensively test and photograph your location to document any necessary design modifications – all this to ensure the sign we produce for you will be as effective and visible as possible.

DPAC Project OutlineCodes Research & Permitting

The specialists at Capital Sign Solutions cover all levels of the design, production and installation processes. These stages, and everything in between, are useless, however, without a legally recognizable permit. That’s why our Permit Specialist works with our team to ensure every aspect of our signage is compliant with the law. Given the density and intricacy of site codes today, the Permit Specialist oversees the entire permit application process, taking into account every project category to prevent any harmful safety hazards or legal hurdles.

Delivery & Installation

Installation day is an exciting time for you and for us, as we both get to see the final product. That’s why our installation team works diligently to shield you from concern and turn your excitement into satisfaction once your new sign is installed, guaranteeing you the most effective installation possible.

DPAC SignMaintenance

If you’ve seen signs with dirt and clutter caked all over, then you know how it negatively affects your perceptions of the property. Capital Sign Solutions knows it too, that’s why we offer industry-leading maintenance services to protect your brand from losing value and business. It is vital to keep your sign spotless and functioning at all times, and maintenance services from Capital Sign Solutions make that a reality.

Lighting Repair

Perhaps more unattractive than a dirty sign is one with a broken light. Your business could be an effective, credible operation, but a broken sign out front can strip your brand of its credibility and deter potential customers. To make sure your brand doesn’t fall victim to this effect, Capital Sign Solutions boasts an extensive lighting repair service that will increase your visibility and maximize your identity at all times.


Digital services from Capital Sign Solutions keep your brand up-to-date and functioning in sync with the digital age that is ceaselessly intensifying around us. Wow potential customers and rejuvenate your location’s atmosphere with digital signage services from Capital Sign Solutions. If you are searching for a way to get ahead, digital signage is the avenue to take.

High Altitude Signage

Capital Sign Solutions is prepared to stretch the heights of our expertise to accentuate your brand – literally. Capital Sign Solutions’ high altitude signage allows you the flexibility to place the heart of your business identity above and beyond the rest, fearlessly amplifying your brand and connecting you with an unprecedented amount of consumers.

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